The Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities,currently represents more than 100 local entities and 7 million inhabitants of the European Atlantic seaboard. This network works with different institutions, to promote the role of cities in Europe and to highlight the specificity of the Atlantic Arc.

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Atlantic Arc Cities

XV General Assembly: Save the date

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Due to the unique geography of the Atlantic basin, its specific biodiversity and own characteristics of the Atlantic cities, cooperation is an asset for the implementation of development strategies.

Cooperation is determined not by the size of the city, but by the territory. The isolation, the maritime dimension and periphicity are starting points that require coherent and coordinated action across the Atlantic Arc for the articulation of the territory. Similarly, cooperation is strengthened because of the historical and cultural ties shared by the Atlantic cities.

The 2014-2020 European programming, with a significant urban dimension, offers a unique opportunity for the cities of the Atlantic Arc. Therefore, so as to grasp it, the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities will hold its Executive Bureau on February 23rd and its General Assembly on the 24th in A Corunna, presidency of the network.






Tourism: a balance between visitors and residents

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Sought to attract more visitors, tourism marketing strategies have launched a reflection on how to strike balance in inhabitants’ living areas that are also places of tourism interest.

On this issue European Cities Marketing is offering a seminar that combines theoretical base, practical and operational solutions cases on "the balance between visitors and locals." This event will take place in Gijón, Vice President city of the CAAC, from February 4 to 7 2015.

In this context, the initiative ATBRAND, driven by the CAAC, aims to inspire the promotion of Atlantic cities. Therefore, the management and the impact of visitor flows within the Atlantic Arc is one of the research areas of this cooperation project, co-financed by the ERDF under the INTERREG Atlantic Area program.

For further information about these meetings.

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Atlantic Arc’s Creative Cities to gather in Plymouth

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Local authorities of the Atlantic Arc have identified cultural and creative industries (CCI) as a priority sector for economic development. Over the years, innovation and the use of new technologies have become cornerstones for the transformation of our urban economies, and the Atlantic Arc Cities are developing the necessary skills and tools to register within this framework of evolution. The implementation of transnational projects aiming at stimulating the ICC sector should be stepped up by a closer cooperation between the entities of the Atlantic Arc. The promotion of creative and culturally dynamic Atlantic Arc cities now passes through the pooling of resources and the capitalization on existing projects.

As research and innovation are flagships in the Europe 2020 strategy, networking between the stakeholders in the sector, initially at the Atlantic Arc level then in the longer term at a European level, has become a necessity to increase the potential of the cities in terms of creativity. Therefore, the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities has launched a working group to put into practice the thoughts around creative territories, innovative sustainable tourism, digitization and dissemination of content. Organised together with the city of Plymouth and Plymouth College of Art, CAAC’s Creative Cities workshop will take place on January 26th 2015. It is open to all Creative Atlantic Stakeholders. Participation is free of cost but registration is compulsory HERE.


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