The Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities,currently represents more than 100 local entities and 7 million inhabitants of the European Atlantic seaboard. This network works with different institutions, to promote the role of cities in Europe and to highlight the specificity of the Atlantic Arc.

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.International Conference on Aids to Navigation en A Coruña.

International Conference on Aids to Navigation en A Coruña

From 24th to 31st May, more than 500 experts in maritime navigation coming from around 60 countries will meet in A Coruña for the 18th edition of the Conference of the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse...

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.Brest: Territorial projects on Education.

Brest: Territorial projects on Education

Educational stakeholders, parents, teachers, coordinators and childhood and youth facilitators, local elected officials, popular education associations … More than 500 participants will attend the fifth national meeting on local educational projects in Brest, at the Quartz, on Tuesday 5 and...

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.InShadow Festival of Lisbon.

InShadow Festival of Lisbon

InShadow - International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies is an initiative of Vo'Arte, in co-production with São Luiz Teatro Municipal, which has already established itself as a reference in contemporary artistic creation and programming, with emphasis on the convergence...

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Saint-Nazaire Celebrates 150 years of shipbuilding

On the 23rd of April 1864, the transatlantic liner Impératrice Eugénie was launched at the yard of Penhoët, thus marking the beginning of a great epic of shipbuilding for the city. To celebrate 150th anniversary of this industrial prowess, the Ecomuseum...

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Brest selected as "Child Friendly City"

Unicef France has awarded the city of Brest the title of "Child Friendly City" that it shares with 242 other French cities. The title, created in 2002, welcomed the strong commitment of the city to its children and its attention...

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Atlantic Arc Cities

Urban Community of Bordeaux - The European metropolis

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Adopted by Decree in 2009, the operation of national interest Bordeaux-Euratlantic is designed to make Bordeaux a benchmark among European metropolis.

The first step to achieve the objective is the creation of the new high-speed rail track South-Europe-Atlantic connecting Paris in 2 hours in 2017 and Madrid in 3h35 for 2020.

The Urban Community of Bordeaux (CUB) confirms its ambitions by setting up a vast operation of development including the creation of a multimodal hub around the Saint-Jean railway station, new housing facilities, a laboratory district on the habitat of tomorrow and an economic hub including a cluster of creative economy.

Active member within the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, the CUB has intensified its involvement within the network by hosting the Executive Bureau of the CAAC last April. Concurrently with this meeting, Mr. Carlos Negreira, Mayor of A Coruña and President of the CAAC, had the opportunity to have a discussion with Mr. Alain Juppé, president of the metropolis of Bordeaux.

Atlantic cities attracting talent

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The Great Place to Work Institute recently published the results of a survey on the cities of France most valued as places to work. Three Atlantic cities emerge from this ranking: Rennes, Nantes and Bordeaux, respectively classified in 7th, 6th and 1st position. The survey reveals that 37% of the French would leave their current place of residence to come and work in Bordeaux.

If the Atlantic facade seduces people with its living environment, its power of economic attractiveness and its resilience to the crisis have also made it a privileged ground in terms of professional implantation. Nantes also belongs to the top 3 of the French cities where unemployment has the least increased in the past five years.

This trend is reflected in other cities and regions of the European Atlantic Arc. In Spain, Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and Basque Country display a lower rate of unemployment than the national average, making cities like San Sebastián or A Coruña valued destinations to work.

Rennes: Digital francophone meetings

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Rennes Métropole and Québec International are jointly organizing an annual event called "Digital Opportunities, Digital francophone meetings." The first two will take place in October 2014 (15th and 16th) in Rennes (France) and in May 2015 in Quebec City.

Digital Opportunities aims to develop the business relations between French-speaking innovation actors, crossing expectations of traditional economic sectors with the skills of the players in the digital channel. This event puts digital tools at the service of health, food and cultural and creative industries.

These meetings will include company and laboratory visits, B2B meeting, two competitions that promote innovative projects of companies, a showroom of innovation, a half day organized by universities and opportunity to get acquainted with one of the eight French Institutes of Technology Research based in Rennes and specialized in the field of the image, ultra-high-speed networks and varied applications.

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