The Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities,currently represents more than 100 local entities and 7 million inhabitants of the European Atlantic seaboard. This network works with different institutions, to promote the role of cities in Europe and to highlight the specificity of the Atlantic Arc.

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.Consultation On Co-Branding & Co-Marketing The Atlantic Area.

Consultation On Co-Branding & Co-Marketing The Atlantic Area

This questionnaire is aimed at gathering current developments, ideas and proposals on co-branding & co-marketing the Atlantic façade of the EU by a selected pool of cities, public authorities, academic institutions, think tanks, experts and individuals with a vision on...

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.City brand governance:   shaping the collaboration model.

City brand governance: shaping the collaboration model

  Taking place in La Rochelle on 3rd and 4th December, the second AT.Brand international workshop will be focused on governance and management in city branding. From a governance perspective, integrated city branding is about creating, up waters, a shared working...

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.Un proyecto audiovisual difunde la Ribeira Sacra.

Un proyecto audiovisual difunde la Ribeira Sacra

La Diputación provincial busca la promoción turística de la Ribeira Sacra a través de un proyecto audiovisual basado en el desarrollo de las nuevas tecnologías. Se trata de la iniciativa Imagina Atlántica, un seminario que ayer reunió en el Centro...

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European Smart Ticketing: Conclusions in Dublin

For two years, the Atlantic cities of Dublin, Nantes, San Sebastián, Gijón, Aveiro and Liverpool have defined a common ticket system to facilitate the contactability between the Atlantic cities. Financed by INTERREG Atlantic Area (ERDF), SITE has developed and trialled solutions...

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City branding: the Atlantic Arc stands for

Liverpool will be the destination for an Atlantic summit on innovative city branding between 25th and 27th June. In December 2013, this city was selected to be part of ATBRAND project, a major initiative bringing together Atlantic Arc cities with a...

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Atlantic Arc Cities

Who will be the Atlantic City of the Year in 2015?

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The Atlantic City of the Year is an acknowledgement of the efforts of Atlantic Arc Cities to find sustainable development models appropriate to their geographical identity. This annual contest seeks to reward excellence in Atlantic cities, members or not of the network, in the implementation of exemplary policies in the fields covered by the Charter of San Sebastian. Last year Brest Métropole Océane was chosen Atlantic City of the Year 2014.

Who can participate?

All Atlantic cities. As defined by the founding CAAC documents, an Atlantic City is among 'towns, cities or agglomerations along the European Atlantic Arc, participating or interested in the dynamics of it.' American and African Atlantic cities can also participate in a specific category.


The interested city must apply before February 16, 2015, using the form available at the end of THIS PAGE. The city shall include identification data, a reflection on its Atlantic assets based on the Charter of San Sebastián and the actions for the Atlantic year 2015 that it wishes to undertake.



To ensure transparency of the competition, the questions should be addressed to the comment form available HERE.

Atlantic Arc’s Creative Cities to gather in Plymouth

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Local authorities of the Atlantic Arc have identified cultural and creative industries (CCI) as a priority sector for economic development. Over the years, innovation and the use of new technologies have become cornerstones for the transformation of our urban economies, and the Atlantic Arc Cities are developing the necessary skills and tools to register within this framework of evolution. The implementation of transnational projects aiming at stimulating the ICC sector should be stepped up by a closer cooperation between the entities of the Atlantic Arc. The promotion of creative and culturally dynamic Atlantic Arc cities now passes through the pooling of resources and the capitalization on existing projects.

As research and innovation are flagships in the Europe 2020 strategy, networking between the stakeholders in the sector, initially at the Atlantic Arc level then in the longer term at a European level, has become a necessity to increase the potential of the cities in terms of creativity. Therefore, the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities has launched a working group to put into practice the thoughts around creative territories, innovative sustainable tourism, digitization and dissemination of content. Organised together with the city of Plymouth and Plymouth College of Art, CAAC’s Creative Cities workshop will take place on January 26th 2015. It is open to all Creative Atlantic Stakeholders. Participation is free of cost but registration is compulsory HERE.


Consultation On Co-Branding & Co-Marketing The Atlantic Area

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This questionnaire is aimed at gathering current developments, ideas and proposals on co-branding & co-marketing the Atlantic façade of the EU by a selected pool of cities, public authorities, academic institutions, think tanks, experts and individuals with a vision on this matter. Particularly, this exploration wants to involve practitioners and entities working in city branding, destination marketing, inward investment, big events... but also universities, airports, seaports, technology parks and any other organization interacting with international targets on a regular basis.

It´s part of a selective consultation, also including personal interviews, focus groups in different cities of the Atlanctic area and working sessions on the topic within the AT.Brand international workshops. The results will be circulated among all the contributors in due time.

Important note: contributors from the academy or experts, regional, national or transnational organizations are obviously not consulted about their view and analysis on a specific city; we expect them to give answers inspired by their vision of the Atlantic Area.

Please, for any query on this questionnaire you may contact Boris Lefebvre, project manager at Taso ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). If you prefer, you can ask him for a phone/Skype interview instead of the written questionnaire.  If you are not confortable with the English language, you are also free to answer the questionnaire in Spanish, French or Portuguese.

Inside the INTERREG IVB Atlantic Area programme, this project is co-funded by ERDF.

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