La Conférence des Villes de l’Arc Atlantique représente actuellement plus de 100 entités locales et 7 millions d'habitants de villes de la façade atlantique européenne. Ce réseau travaille avec différentes institutions afin de promouvoir le rôle des villes en Europe et de mettre en avant la spécificité de l’Arc Atlantique.

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.International Conference on Aids to Navigation en A Coruña.

International Conference on Aids to Navigation en A Coruña

From 24th to 31st May, more than 500 experts in maritime navigation coming from around 60 countries will meet in A Coruña for the 18th edition of the Conference of the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse...

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.Brest: Territorial projects on Education.

Brest: Territorial projects on Education

Educational stakeholders, parents, teachers, coordinators and childhood and youth facilitators, local elected officials, popular education associations … More than 500 participants will attend the fifth national meeting on local educational projects in Brest, at the Quartz, on Tuesday 5 and...

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.InShadow Festival of Lisbon.

InShadow Festival of Lisbon

InShadow - International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies is an initiative of Vo'Arte, in co-production with São Luiz Teatro Municipal, which has already established itself as a reference in contemporary artistic creation and programming, with emphasis on the convergence...

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Saint-Nazaire Celebrates 150 years of shipbuilding

On the 23rd of April 1864, the transatlantic liner Impératrice Eugénie was launched at the yard of Penhoët, thus marking the beginning of a great epic of shipbuilding for the city. To celebrate 150th anniversary of this industrial prowess, the Ecomuseum...

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Brest selected as "Child Friendly City"

Unicef France has awarded the city of Brest the title of "Child Friendly City" that it shares with 242 other French cities. The title, created in 2002, welcomed the strong commitment of the city to its children and its attention...

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Atlantic Arc Cities

General Assembly 2014: Save the date

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Due to the unique geography of the Atlantic basin, its specific biodiversity and own characteristics of the Atlantic cities, cooperation is an asset for the implementation of development strategies.

Cooperation is determined not by the size of the city, but by the territory. The isolation, the maritime dimension and periphicity are starting points that require coherent and coordinated action across the Atlantic Arc for the articulation of the territory. Similarly, cooperation is strengthened because of the historical and cultural ties shared by the Atlantic cities.

The 2014-2020 European programming, with a significant urban dimension, offers a unique opportunity for the cities of the Atlantic Arc. Therefore, so as to grasp it, the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities will hold its Executive Board on November 26th and its General Assembly on the 27th in A Corunna, presidency of the network.





Avilés closes the INCOMPASS project in Brussels

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Launched in February 2012, INCOMPASS project comes to an end. A meeting gathering the project partners and other stakeholders will be held on November 18th in Brussels to establish an assessment of the activities undertaken. This final conference, entitled "Financial sustainability and business activities", will also discuss the possibilities of capitalization of the project.

INCOMPASS aims to promote the sustainable aspect of the creative units, allowing them to develop innovative methods and independent from public funding. Co-financed by the ERDF through the INTERREG IVC programme, the project seeks to stimulate a collaborative development of local, regional, national and European policies to create new structures dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship in the creative industries.

After the success of INNOVATE, IMAGINA ATLANTICA and KNOW CITIES, Avilés, President of the CAAC's Commission for Economic and Social Action of the Cities and active partner within the project INCOMPASS, embodies the interests of the Atlantic Arc cities for the sector of creativity.

Those interested in the meeting are requested to contact the project partners HERE

Las Palmas – Innovative touristic information

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In order to facilitate the orientation of tourists who arrive in the Canary Islands, the municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has just inaugurated a new signage on the ground to discover the city, based on several routes.

Using a colour code and a graphic tracking, tourists can now choose the way that suits their desires (Historical centre, commercial areas, Las Canteras Beach, Castle of La Luz or harbour market) and optimize the time they have to explore the city. The distance to the place of destination and the estimated walking time also appear on the ground for a fast and effective orientation. A glance at the floor is enough to find his way and continue his route.

Thanks to this innovation and its experience in the sector of cruise tourism, Las Palmas has become a symbol of the quality of reception of the Atlantic cities and develops the Urban Atlantic Strategy in terms of creativity and innovative sustainable tourism.

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