La Conferencia de Ciudades del Arco Atlántico representa más de 100 entidades locales y 7 millones de habitantes de la costa atlántica europea. Esta red trabaja con diferentes instituciones, para promover el papel de las ciudades en Europa y poner de relieve la especificidad del Arco Atlántico.

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The General Assembly shall bring together all members of the Conference. It shall determine the Conference’s policy guidelines, and, through its resolutions, decide on the organisation’s activities. It shall meet each year in ordinary session in order to examine the activity report, the financial report, the level of membership fees and, if appropriate, the auditor’s report.

An extraordinary session of the General Assembly may be convened by the President, or at the unanimous request of the Executive Bureau or two thirds of the members. Each full member and associate member shall have one vote. Voting shall be by a show of hands and decisions shall be taken by a simple majority, but if the vote is contested, the President may decide to organise a roll-call vote. Observers may participate in General Assembly meetings. They may take the floor, but have no voting privileges.

Every three years, the General Assembly shall elect from among its members a President and the members of the Executive Bureau, taking care to ensure a balanced representation from among the countries involved in the Conference.

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