A Conferência das Cidades do Arco Atlântico representa atualmente mais de 100 entidades locais e 7 milhões de habitantes da fachada atlântica europeia. Essa rede trabalha com diferentes instituições, para promover o papel das cidades na Europa e para destacar a especificidade do Arco Atlântico.

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About CAAC

CAAC is a network of territorial cooperation, based on the particular identity and challenges of the cities of the Atlantic Arc in the European Union. After nearly fourteen years of experience, the Conference of the Atlantic Arc Cities has asserted its position as an Atlantic Urban Forum, facilitating both the cooperation among its members and with other European and Atlantic Arc actors, creating awareness in the European institutions about issues concerning the Atlantic Cities.

Thus, the work within the network can be defined as a transversal dimension to the thematic actions, divided into six axis led by a symbolic C:

  • CAAC as a Club of the Atlantic Cities: the Urban Forum of the European Atlantic façade. The Atlantic territorial marketing is a key issue.
  • CAAC as a Community that includes both cities and other actors, such as, above all, the citizens.
  • Campaigns: Make the lobby not only a political issue, but also an instrument for raising awareness of citizens in European Affairs and defence of the interests of the Atlantic cities and their citizens.
  • Cooperation: Through European projects as well as informal exchanges.
  • Coaching: CAAC acknowledged as a resource centre for the Atlantic cities, ensuring that its activities contribute to the information, training and strengthening of the European activities of the members.
  • Communication: Convert the CAAC cities, its activities and experiences in ‘highlighted’ examples of a communication strategy based on the social media.

Finally, the network has reinforced its ties with other European cities, actively participating in the CECICN. CAAC has also started studying its global Atlantic position to strengthen the bilateral ties of its members with other Atlantic shores.

Memo on the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities

Power Point presentation of the CAAC

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