A Conferência das Cidades do Arco Atlântico representa atualmente mais de 100 entidades locais e 7 milhões de habitantes da fachada atlântica europeia. Essa rede trabalha com diferentes instituições, para promover o papel das cidades na Europa e para destacar a especificidade do Arco Atlântico.

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In April 2010, six urban networks gathered in Santiago de Compostela, have created the CONFERENCE OF EUROPEAN CROSS-BORDER AND INTERREGIONAL CITY NETWORKS – CECICN. CECICN is composed of cross –border and interregional city networks which develop cooperation actions between cities and other territories, as part of its general or specific work. Actually, the CECICN is a platform which groups the networks of cities from the Atlantic, Baltic, Mediterranean, Adriatic, Iberian and MOT. The network is chaired by Per BOdker Andersen (president of the Union of Baltic Cities) and Carlos Negreira, President of the CAAC is the Vice-President. Xoam Mao (RIET) is the Secretary-General and Jean Perony (MOT) is the Director-General.


The member networks consider as a must that both the European Union and the European Commission promote a second generation cross-border cooperation that takes into account the major achievements of the cross-border cooperation processes boosted by the European Commission during the last fifteen years. Moreover, this second generation cross-border cooperation would define and undertake a new political initiative for the development of border and peripheral territories starting from 2014, as an instrument for the economic development of these territories.

Member networks

Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities

Mision Opérationelle Transfrontalière

Red Ibérica de Entidades Transfronterizas

Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities


Union of Baltic Cities

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